Fuel Safe - Ultra Cell Mini Sprint Complete 35L


Fuel Safe - Ultra Cell Mini Sprint Complete 35L



FIA / SFI certified Sprint Racing Fuel Cells. Designed around our proven and durable Enduro® fuel bladder, these fuel cells offer the Sprint and Midget racers the highest levels of protection. Constructed from high-strength cross-linked polyethylene, these are the only Sprint and Midget Racing Fuel Cells that carry both an FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 certification. By eliminating the rubberized bladder, Fuel Safe offers professional and amateur racers the lightest, most affordable, certified racing fuel cell in the industry. All Fuel Safe® Sprint, Midget and Micro cells are engineered to deliver championship performance at a competitive price. Specifically designed for use with alcohol and hydrocarbon fuels. Fuel Safe® sprint cells are the champion’s choice.

• FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 certified Enduro bladder
• High strength molded tail tank with chassis mount inserts
• Sprint fill plate with billet aluminum flush cap and -6 rollover vent
• Fuel pickup assembly
• 5 year manufacturer warranty

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